Muffy's Bio

Comedian Muffy aka Laura J Steele, MA, CHES


Comedian Muffy, aka Laura J. Steele, MA, CHES is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) with a master’s degree from New York University and a bachelor’s degree from University of Minnesota. She began her professional career assisting people living with HIV/AIDS and in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Today she works for New York City government in Public Health and Finance. Laura grew up in and around Corrections, her parents, Drs. William and Nancy Steele, Clinical Psychologists worked for prisons in Colorado, Ohio and Minnesota. A home Laura grew up in was on the grounds of a penitentiary in Canon City, Colorado. Her Dad played Richard Pryor records for her and her siblings, thus beginning her love of comedy! She has written two books (for sale on Amazon), a children’s book, Mommy Do Dinosaurs Have Belly Buttons and 26 Life Lessons: Advice for Today’s Youth and Adults. Her comedy career began in 2017, she has performed at the Comic Strip in NYC, Dangerfield’s Comedy Club in NYC and the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC, however, she is the proudest of her performances on December 27, 2018 at the Iowa Correctional Institute for Women in Mitchellville, Iowa for 600 incarcerated persons and staff, please view the testimonial video following these performances from Warden Cheryl Dahm. Muffy’s mission as a comedian is to offer hope and to fund her two missions job training for previous incarcerated individuals and clean water projects.